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Also now known as “auto” on the GPX 6000 detector

There is a method of using a detector called “Bogene’s Settings” after the gent who came up with them. They are to basically turn the threshold down to nothing (right off) and turn the sensitivity (gain) and stabilizer up full. The detector will run pretty much dead quiet and the target signals will jump out.

This method can be used on the GPZ7000 by using whichever gold mode and ground type suits the area being detected, turning the threshold to 1, audio smoothing off, and the sensitivity to 20. If the environment is noisy for whatever reason, this method will allow you to detect and still find gold where you may have had to go home, or find another spot.

  • Gold Mode: High Yeild/General

  • Ground: Difficult

  • Sensitivity: 20

  • Threshold: 1

  • Tracking: Auto

  • Audio Smoothing: Off

Yesterday we were detecting and old spot and it was noisy. I turned the audio smoothing to low on a few occasions, but don’t really like the dullness it gives so went back to the off position, and played with the tuning on several occasions to make a smoother threshold. I had 9 little nuggets in an area I’ve had the SDC on recently and eventually decided it was a perfect time to try Bogene’s setting on the GPZ 7000. I started with High Yield and Difficult, threshold to 1, gain to 20, audio on 8 and scored one of the smallest bits I’ve ever found.

I showed my mate and that was my first Bogene nugget. I tried normal but the ground wasn’t that forgiving so eventually settled on threshold at 7, High Yield, Difficult, gain at 20 and audio at 8, and commenced to get another 14 bits. The detector is pretty much dead quiet, except for a very faint hum through the B&Z booster, and the signals are more like a mouse squeaking until you get the coil directly over the target. I found that on the faint ones, a large hole started got the coil closer and the target easier to find.

On one signal we were digging I put the coil away from the hole on the ground and it squeaked. I scuffed the ground and moved the coil. That was the next target and next nugget. I would have thought that the coil would have to be over a target to get them, but brushing past some rocks and grass tufts produced a single squeak at times and some moving around of the coil produced an obvious target. I also found while experimenting that the 27 and 28 numbers I was running the threshold at are not the best for small nuggets and 26 seems to be ideal. 25 is where the threshold is in and out, but 26 seems to be the goods.

Well she who has to be obeyed let me go out for the day to try the Bogenes settings on little broken down reef from last weekend. Turned sensitivity full, threshold 10, high yield difficult. Wow 4 small scraps 3 at 3-4″ other on surface all positive solid definite signals much easier to center and retrieve, only 1.22 grams weight in the 4 but enough to know, many thanks Sandy. Certainly I had my doubts after a threshold always just audible for 30 years plus, but no more. Tried in deeper ground down a bit below reef, nothing so maybe nothing detectable there or Bogenes settings are for shallow ground.

Yes bogenes on the 7000 is great on small stuff however only to a point i reckon. I used to play around with it if the loud speaker noise was irritating me. Anything under 0.10gm and i can’t pick them up without a bit of threshold to disturb. Can’t say these are the bits i chase but end up digging a few in multi nugget holes when you just can’t walk away from that little sound! On lots of days out having high smoothing on was also the loudest clearest response with bogenes…go figure?! Don’t use bogenes much anymore…..I’ve picked up lots from previously worked areas by switching from the speaker to head phones/ear buds and lowering the volumes….


With the advent of the XCOILS range, the GPZ 7000 took it’s first major step up since the disappointingly one and only software update from Minelab. XCOILS gave us more stability, more depth, better sensitivity, and a new type of coil to play with; concentric or cc’s.

The XCOILS were naturally adopting of the Bogenes settings as they were stable enough to run at maximum sensitivity on difficult 100% of the time, and ground dependent, Normal setting which gave significant target response at new depths. And though not cheap at around $2000 each, the results spoke for themselves.


I have been looking, researching, and following many of the detector modification technicians and happened across Detector Mods (Woody) who have been working on a 3 tiered modification sequence for improving the mighty GPZ 7000. There are two basic areas of attack with one being reducing internal EMI and the other being, raising the detected signal response.

While you may not agree with Woody’s methods or his pricing, you cannot dispute his results. Simply providing some earth shields over some of the components known to create EMI, I was able to make a significant reduction in overall noise allowing clearer and louder target responses. After all these years, a couple of simple changes made such a difference? Watch the videos and learn.

I only undertook a small update of including some shielding to the primary electronic culprits and took the detector out. It was amazing the difference it made! I had to keep on checking if it was turned on and it definitely became a case of “if you walk over it, you WILL know very loudly” – through my RX audio amplifier.

Did my gold recovery increase? Of course it did, new targets, old patches, I was in heaven – even if they were tiny. Well, the only way you are going to enjoy these results and more is forking over a minimum $1500 to detector Mods for their stage 1 upgrades – $2,500 for stage 2 upgrades, and lastly $3,500 for stage 3 upgrades.

PLEASE NOTE: Detector Mods and/or Woody had no connection or input with the modification that I undertook. His modifications go way further and are much more complicated than those shown here. I do fully support his abilities to make the GPZ 7000 a better machine.

READ MORE HERE: Bogene’s Settings

READ MORE HERE: Bogene’s Settings

Bogene's Settings
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Bogene's Settings
Looking at ways we can improve the worlds best metal detector through settings and simple upgrades.

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